credit reports are required to be accurate

Whether it is Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, or another consumer reporting agency, the credit bureau must follow reasonable procedures to ensure that every credit report achieves maximum possible accuracy.  Despite this clear requirement, credit reports often have inaccurate information, contain information about another person,  or outdated information.  


Furnishers Are required to reinvestigate Disutes

After receiving notice that a consumer disputes the information contained on a trade line in a credit report, the furnisher of that information is required to conduct an investigation, review all relevant information provided by the consumer reporting agency, report the results of the investigation, and correct any errors.  The consumer reporting agency and furnisher must complete the investigation within thirty (30) days of when the consumer reports the error to the credit reporting agency.


employment credit reports

The FCRA limits how and when an employer may use your credit report for employment purposes.  An employer cannot obtain a credit report for employment purposes without first diclosing that fact to the consumer and obtains written authorization from the consumer to use the report.  If the employer uses the credit report to take adverse action, the employer must supply a copy of the report to the consumer before taking adverse action and must provide the consumer with a description of the consumer's rights under the FCRA.