Pricing + Fee Agreements


Legal Services that fit your needs.


Hourly rate

Vedra Law LLC represents individuals on an hourly rate basis.  These rates vary depending on the type of representation and the client's needs.

Contingency Fee Representation

Our firm will  take cases on a contingency fee basis, when that arrangement is appropriate. Professional ethics precludes attorneys from taking certain cases on a contingency fee basis. There are, however, cases which may be taken on a contingency arrangement, such as consumer claims and some contract disputes. Whether your case is eligible for this arrangement, along with the specifics of the contingency percentage, will be discussed between you and the attorney handling your case. 


Fixed or flat fee REPRESENTATION

Hourly representation does not always make sense for the client.  Sometimes a client needs representation for a specific or discrete issue.  In some cases, we take cases on a fixed fee for specific services.  This is called "unbundled legal services", and the cost depends on the services needed. 

Alternative or combination representation

Not every person's situation fits neatly into one type of representation.  We are flexible in our agreements and often combine hourly, fixed fee, and contingent representation.