Student Loans

The rising cost of tuition has made college unaffordable without taking on significant debt.  These loans come in a variety of  types, and come with a variety of options and obligations.  The Bankruptcy Code makes many student loans non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Dealing with student loans can be one of the biggest financial challenges in a young person's life.

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private student loans

Private student loans do not have the same protections for borrowers as public loans.  These loans are often packaged into large trusts, just like the mortgages that caused the financial crisis a decade ago.  These loans can be more problematic than a subprime mortgage because unlike a mortgage, student loans are not usually dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Vedra Law LLC has experience in negotiating with private student loan lenders.

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Student loan debt collection

Debt collectors often add large collection charges and attorney fees to student loans.  Sometimes, these charges are illegal.  If a debt collector is trying to charge you more for your student loan than you actually owe, Vedra Law LLC may be able to help.

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Statute of limitations

Most debts have a time limit on how long they can still be collected.  The rules governing the statute of limitations on student loans are incredibly complex.  Some loans have no statute of limitations, and determining what statute of limitations applies is often difficult to do because different federal and state laws govern student loan agreements in different ways.